Greenbizz landed

Greenbizz will be inaugurated April 26, marking the end of a long but exhilarating journey. Client citydev has actively supported the design team throughout the ride, resulting in a confident respectful ambiance even now reaching the end of the road. And Jean-Marc Bryskčre, the ensemble’s new director, shares the same people-oriented mindset … imagining what he calls an « eco-system » holistically integrating a myriad of possible interacting activities on site. Street-level workshops and incubator above have welcomed their first occupants, some already settled in… others still busy moving in. So the glass-covered streets are starting to bustle with activity, curious onlookers (including the architects) observing the scene. In this video Philippe Antoine (Director of Economic Activities, citydev)  explains the innovative aspects behind Greenbizz and how architectesassoc. materialized the client’s concept. Follows an extensive tour of the project presentd by marc lacour and sabine leribaux.

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Brussels builds greener

This series of videos BRUSSELS BUILDS GREENER : The Value of Expertise is an initiative of Brussels Invest & Export with the support of Cécile Jodogne, State Secretary in charge of Foreign Trade, and in collaboration with ecobuild.bussels. Its purpose is to bring to the forefront the Region’s specialists in all fields of sustainable design and construction including engineers, contractors, urban planners, and architects including architectesassoc. Indeed, Brussels has launched within the last decade a ground-breaking program today internationally recognized aligning current construction standards with ambitious environmental standards, The result is more than a million square metres of low energy and passive buildings within its territory, and a throng of experts in all fields concerned by sustainability. 

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Empereur up for the horta prize

This year the Brussels HORTA award marks the competition’s 20th anniversary.  architecteassoc’s project EMPEREUR has been selected as finalist in the non-residential category. EMPEREUR is a mixed-use housing and office building in the city centre, inserted with great care in the existing medieval fabric. The Brussels Region organizing the competition wishes to foster design « respecting contexte and pushing symbiosis between architecture, the urban landscaoe, and its inhabitants ». The public is also invited to vote for the People’s Choice award. The manouver is quite simple : simply click on the first link below in order to immediately discover the finalists and vote.

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