be bright: go green

«  In a development likely to sharpen debate about indoor environment conditions in office buildings, a study published Monday reports that workers showed significantly lowered cognitive functioning after spending a day in a simulated office environment featuring high concentrations of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds. By contrast, in conditions set to simulate a green building — or better yet, a green building with enhanced ventilation — cognitive performance was higher. «  (excerpt Washington Post)

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isocarp2015 congress in brussels

« ISOCARP2015 comes at a time of unprecedented global urbanization. Voices from the global level down to the ground – in both the public and private sector - are calling for a « planning » approach to address the complex challenges that this brings. The congress is therefore an opportune time to open up to the world, work together and learn from each other. It is being hosted by The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. »  The ISOCARP congress (International Society of City and Regional Planners) proposes several workshops, including this one October 20 that will focus on the Canal Zone and more specifically on the Tivoli eco-district Greenbizz is a part of.

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Leopold tower: permits delivered

architectesassoc’s 3-ply competition projet for the reconversion of a 1970’s office block has been re-mastered by client MATEXI, resulting in this flattened-out permit version recently approuved by City and Regional authorities. The debate surrounding its form has not affected its innards comprising more than 200 ultra-modular energy-efficient flats wrapped up in a timber skin, and topped off with a photo-voltaïc canopy covering energy-consumption of all commons. Tender documents and working details are finished : work will start on site before end 2015.

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