a reinvigorated canal zone

The illustration above shows architectesassoc’s investment alongside one of Brussels’ most active building zones for years to come. Multi-functional ensembles are planned here by public and private sectors hand-in-hand, from housing to care homes to workspaces of all kinds, such as those designed by the studio for Atenor (CITY DOCKS) or citydev (GREENBIZZ). But housing gets the bigger share given the city’s need for new homes : CANAL DISTRICT, CANAL WHARF and QUAI DE WILLEBROEK totalize 300 flats of all shapes and sizes and in all sorts of lively multi-cultural neighbourhoods. Real estate pressure here is intense, justifying the Authorities’ Plan Canal channeling that energy.

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the missing link between tivoli and tour & taxi

Excerpt Pro-RealEstate : « Greenbizz is part of a large-scale redevelopment project called Tivoli in the city centre… This new publicly funded sustainable neighbourhood will include both housing and economic facilities, and responds to the desire of the public authorities to bring new life to urban areas through mixed function developments. The part of the site to be dedicated to businesses and totalling 12,900 m² will be located along the Rue Lefèvre and will act as a transition between the new residential district and the TIR centre close to Tour & Taxis, thus demonstrating that it is possible to develop a business project in an inhabited zone.

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be bright: go green

«  In a development likely to sharpen debate about indoor environment conditions in office buildings, a study published Monday reports that workers showed significantly lowered cognitive functioning after spending a day in a simulated office environment featuring high concentrations of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds. By contrast, in conditions set to simulate a green building — or better yet, a green building with enhanced ventilation — cognitive performance was higher. «  (excerpt Washington Post)

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