sustainability on site

The Brussels Environment Agency is organizing a one-day sustainability training program where experts are invited to share their hands-on experience gathered on site. Elodie Léonard from architectesassoc. , who has followed key projects such as Aeropolis, Tervuren, and Greenbizz for the studio, will present the pros and cons of a « bouw-team » approach from design stage all the way through to site survey.

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aa wins leopold competition

Matexi has acquired the Tour Léopold , a 1970s mastodon marking one of the city’s major north accesses. Following an invited competition, architectesassoc. has been commissioned to fit 200 new apartments and a welcoming array of extra amenities (shops, day-care center, shared roof-top space, …)  into the existing structure initially occupied by offices. Generous floor-to-ceiling heights, modular spaces, bike-friendly commons, efficient ventilation and insulation, pre-fabricated timber facades, and extensive terraces wrapped around the simple white volume characterize the project. Tender documents should be ready before summer 2015.

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brussels goes passive, what's in it for architecture

In this book, the Brussels-based university ULB, the Brussels Environment Agency, and the Passive House Platform have asked several experts (architects, engineers, contractors, sponsors, lawyers, …)  including architectesassoc. to share insights on how and where practice MUST change, and how and why think-modes have been modified by the passive uprising. The debate is open, but hooting that 0,6 air-tightness will strangulate the real estate market is just as ridiculous as thinking that going passive is the only route to sustainable heaven. architectesassoc.  takes a clear stance: « C'est un discours peu relayé en Belgique vu le ramdam 2015, mais en tant qu'architectes c’est bien de nos valeurs sociétales que nous devons débattre, et le passif c'est de la technique et la technique n'est PAS une valeur . »

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